Summer 2010
Host a Coach


And get a Free Camp!

Each Summer we bring over a group of coaches from the UK to take part in our Summer Camp Programs;  We need homestays for each of them, and as compensation for hosting a coach/coaches we would like to offer you a free summer camp. 

Cultural exchange ~ This is a great way for the coaches to experience the American culture.  By staying with various families over the summer, they get the opportunity to immerse themselves in the American way of life. At the same time, the host families become acquainted with the 'British Culture'...become immersed in a young Englishman or Englishwoman's way of life and find out just how different or how similar they are, to the average American family.  

Transportation is provided  by FC Seattle.  Host families are asked to provide accommodation and food for the coach, Monday - Friday, the duration of camp. Weekend stays are optional (to be agreed between coach and host family).

 If you are interested in hosting 1 or more of our coaches please indicate on your registration form.

Any Questions?  Please call the office at 425-392-0204 or email

 Homestay Flier





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